More exchanges for the list of Zcash exchanges

Hm, according to ZCash (ZEC) - Live streaming prices and market cap, and [Exchange] ZCash now live on Cryptopia Cryptopia supports ZEC, but it is not listed on ZCash Exchanges – ZCash community blog

Hey @vaklinov, could you add Cryptopia?

What other exchanges are currently missing from the list?

As of 2017-02-28, the list shown at ZCash Exchanges – ZCash community blog is:

Bitfinex –
Bitlish –
Bitnow –
Bittrex –
Bitsquare –
BX Thailand –
Changelly –
Cryptonator –
Freewallet –
HitBTC –
Kraken –
Poloniex –
ShapeShift –
Waterhole –
Yobit –
Yuanbao –


I found some more:

List of exchanges is updated:


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Sweet! I’m glad that there are now two independently-maintained lists. (Yay for decentralization.)



I still need to update that one with the new exchanges you listed, will do tonight

Market overview link (CoinGecko)

Thanks, will add that to the page also

I noticed some more exchanges that claim to support Zcash:

Added those to the list @zooko

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Added the new 5 links to the list of exchanges:


Another exchange/seller-of-ⓩ: I’m excited about the details! CriptoFacil - Notícias sobre Bitcoin, Criptomoedas, DeFi, NFT, Web3 e Blockchain Zooko's news thread - #5 by zooko

Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a big matrix of which fiat currencies are exchangeable with ZEC through which exchanges? CoinBR does ZEC↔BRL, and soon ZEC↔ZAR.


Hi guys, hi @vaklinov,

I just noticed a small mistake @ ZCash GUI Wallets – ZCash community blog

Bitsquare is wrongfully listed in ZCash GUI Wallets and correctly @ ZCash Exchanges. You might want to consider this.

Thanks for the listing anyway!

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Hey look! Another exchange that does ZEC↔CNY! A Chinese guy just told me about it on the community chat.


↑ check it out, @Shawn and @vaklinov — a new exchange named szzc, used in China.

Bitsquare is, above all, an exchange, but it also provides an application to store funds locally on the user’s PC, so I would argue it is a wallet as well…

coinBR and SZZC have been added to the list of exchanges.

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Exciting news! Korbit, one of the big Korean exchanges, now lists ZEC and supports KRW↔ZEC! Tell all your Korean friends. :slight_smile:


Japanese exchange CoinCheck has listed Zcash - すごいね! Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange. Buy, sell, and margin trade cryptocurrency.

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Shapeshift is not allowing to exchange zcash to other coins.