Integration with CarbonWallet


We are interested in kicking off a project to integrate Zcash into out multi sig wallet

Currently we generate unsigned bitcoin transactions on the backend in ruby with a list of hashes that get signed on the client (via javascript) and then by an android signing application called carbon key. Hence multi sig.

To integrate ZCash we would need to be able to generate ZCash transactions in ruby and sign those transactions with Javascript. The android client is written with the ionic framework which uses Javascript too.

Are there existing librairies in JS particularly to help with this, or can we re-use some existing bitcoin librairies such as bitcoin-js?



I'm a little further along now.

Confident we can create transparent keys and private keys in javascript.
We can use the zcash node API to generate transactions.

For the signrawtransaction call to the node API. Does this use libsnarks or is it more like a Bitcoin transaction signing?


Hi carbonwallet,
Thanks for your interest getting involved with the Zcash project!
Have you joined the Zcash community Slack channel? If not you can do so here: On Slack you can chat with the developers directly and get a faster answer to your more technical questions, the devs do not always stop by these forums often so Slack may be your best bet.


Great, thanks for letting me know.


signrawtransaction is a Bitcoin API, and only handles transparent transactions. All the Zcash-specific API names currently start with "zc".