Zcashj needed

Hello, I am interested in if there is something like bitcoinj for zcash. i tried https://github.com/samosudov/zcashj this version but it can’t deserialize zcash raw transaction.

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A JavaScript library is the type of thing I’d like to see built with funding from the major grants committee. Also a python library

Hi, can you give me the names or links to see both of them. Thank you.

Sorry my comment probably wasn’t helpful. I meant to say that to the best of my knowledge these libraries don’t currently exist but I want someone to build them with the new dev funds

@str4d @adityapk00 and others have gotten librustzcash to compile to js/wasm. That’s not a full node, but enough to generate and verify shielded transactions.

In theory Zebra, when its finished, should also compile to WASM and that would be a full node. Don’t know if WASM works with raw sockets though.

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