Internet Archive accepting Zcash donations

If the Internet Archive receive enough traction via donations, they’ll add a Zcash donations page. Please donate a little to show the Archive that financial privacy for donations is important! :slight_smile:

My recommendation is especially strong if you’ve ever used the wayback machine and haven’t donated to the Archive before. It’s such an important tool to preserve the history of websites!

Edit: here’s their t-addr for those who don’t like to click on links. :slight_smile: t1cAgUSG1AYTYWKG54JkvP5ZjNoWwppU6Qs


Alright, finally up to more than 1 ZEC in donations to them!

At the very least we can all sweep some of our dust that’s built up at taddrs, like so:

zcash-cli sendmany "" '{"t1cAgUSG1AYTYWKG54JkvP5ZjNoWwppU6Qs": 0.05}'


Great news, they’ve added Zcash to their official cryptocurrency page! You can find it here:

And the updated announcement here:

And their new t-addr here:


Archive is awesome .

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Bumping this one more time; I’d love to see us match the generosity of the BTC and BCH communities. :slight_smile:

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