Introducing the Zcash Mobile Wallet

Awesome :star_struck: :zcash: :iphone:


Ooh, video of the wallet: Joseph Van Geffen, POC Reference Wallet, First Denver Zcash Meetup - YouTube


More details about the mobile wallet: Zcash Reference Wallet: General Use Screens - YouTube


Any ideas as to when this wallet will be released? I cant wait! looks awesome. Can we expect it in Q1 next year?

I have not heard any firm date, Q1 next year would be Optimistic.

Also remember that this wallet is called a reference wallet, its designed for lite wallet companies (Like Jaxx or Coinomi) to use in their products. It’s not confirmed that it will be avalible directly to end-users like you and I due to a lack of customer support infrastructure at Zcash Company.

See Lindas comments here: Technical AMA w/ Zcash team December 14, 2018 noon PST - #61 by lindanaeunlee


Alright thanks for the update @Shawn. Interesting. Ok, I hope they do release their own standalone application. Push it out to both google play and iOS stores. An official Zcash shielded transaction app would be amazing.