Guarda Wallet for Shielded transactions is out!

Hey, ZCash community!

We are here with the greatest news – our Android application is already available in GooglePlay – here is the link to it –
Also, all our community testers should have gotten their emails by now – please check your inbox!

We are always happy to collaborate with ZCash on making something great together. If you would also like to become a part of Guarda Wallet development, you can always leave us some feedback on the application work here, on GitHub. Also, the detailed description of our community test is available there.

Have a blast and looking forward to your feedback!


Is the modeling similiar to the reference wallet? Just curious as how this actually works

Yes, it is similar.
Have already explained somewhere here, so will copy the reply :slight_smile:
“in general, it’s similar to reference wallet by zcash.
we use NDK part for cryptographic wallet functions and lightwalletd for backend. But we have own implementation for sync, decrypt/encrypt note commitments, building Spend and Output descriptions for transaction”

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Awesome news :slight_smile:

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