Guarda Wallet for Shielded transactions is out!

Hey, ZCash community!

We are here with the greatest news – our Android application is already available in GooglePlay – here is the link to it –
Also, all our community testers should have gotten their emails by now – please check your inbox!

We are always happy to collaborate with ZCash on making something great together. If you would also like to become a part of Guarda Wallet development, you can always leave us some feedback on the application work here, on GitHub. Also, the detailed description of our community test is available there.

Have a blast and looking forward to your feedback!


Is the modeling similiar to the reference wallet? Just curious as how this actually works

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Yes, it is similar.
Have already explained somewhere here, so will copy the reply :slight_smile:
“in general, it’s similar to reference wallet by zcash.
we use NDK part for cryptographic wallet functions and lightwalletd for backend. But we have own implementation for sync, decrypt/encrypt note commitments, building Spend and Output descriptions for transaction”


Awesome news :slight_smile:


Hey @guardawallet I’m really excited to use your app! Thanks for rolling it!

BTW, I have had some difficulty sending ZEC from the wallet.

Maybe it’s an error on my part, or maybe there’s a bug in the wallet. I’m not sure, but I am working with support here:

Thanks again!

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Hey @zancas!
Thank you for your feedback! Great to have you with us and using Shielded Guarda.
As for the error, our dev team will look into it and see what’s going on – especially considering the fact that you have already contacted our support line :slight_smile:

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Thank you @Spiral1990!
Great to have you here – if you have some additional feedback on the app, we’re always happy to receive it! Thanks!

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Hey @guardawallet awesome User support! You resolved my issue.

It was that I was confused by the UI and didn’t select ‘Z-address’ in a “send” interface.

Thanks again, your team was super patient and helpful.


I will give this thread a bump because we’ve made a video about our shielded wallet.


Nice! I’d love to see the video demo zaddr use. Also note that Gavin is no longer an advisor to ECC.

Thank you for the information Josh. This is a new task in our backlog, there’s gonna be a video about a Z-address. We will definetly tag ZCash on our social media and also post the link here.


Nothing works. You end up with a lot of fear of being scammed.
you can’t look at your balance, you can’t take your balance, you can’t do anything but gain frustration. At short this is solved (if we are lucky) we should remove all our funds to another wallet.

Hello there :wave: If you’re still having issues, then I’d recommend you to create a ticket at their Support Center or email them at
As far as I know, this problem must be solved now as they have launched a new version of the Shielded Wallet.