Malaysia / Singapore

Hello folks,

I am new here. This is Daryl from Malaysia.

Is there any community in Malaysia / Singapore?

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If there isn’t why not start one yourself?

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How do I go about in doing so ?

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What kind of community are you interested in? What do you want to talk about with people? Zcash world is mostly online :slight_smile:

Hi Daryl! We had a good group of people at a meetup we did last year in Singapore at NUS and some good advocates and friends in Singapore at various exchanges and in education/research. We are evaluating plans to come back for another trip maybe mid/late this year as well as investing more on the ground on community in Singapore, Japan, HK and South Korea pending budget assessment. If you shoot me a dm, I can make sure to let you know of future local meetups and events.

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Oh - we’re also working on some materials that you might use to support something if you are interested in coordinating something yourself.


Encourage the usage of ZEC in Malaysia/Singapore

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Shucks, how do I DM you?

Sorry, very new to this.

Could you please DM me

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Yes please. That would be very useful