Is anyone working on a CPU miner?

Hey there everyone,

I am concerned that with the recent claims by Jtoomin and others that a lot of Ethereum miners with GPU’s laying around are hopping on this coin as a bandwagon. I was interested in this coin due to the possibility of CPU mining being viable with GPU mining and it being closer to Satoshi’s vision.

I do not have the skills to develop a miner but I was wondering if someone was working on an open source or at least a developer fee one? I am a hobbyist and would like to contribute to the network but if Jtoomin’s numbers are true (His gpu miner versus built-in CPU miner) then this does not seem like a possibility for me.



Hello. I have just open a topic - Block distribution algo, which rises this problem. Only developers can prevent powerful miners from breaking the main idea of ZCash.