Is legit?

Someone mining on CoinsForAll ?

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I do. I have some concerns but looks like admin (eXtremal) is responding and working on payouts right now.

IMPORTANT: users have a lot of concerns about the - it can be a scam (update: more likely not a scam after all), so please read the forum: Open Source ZEC (ZCash) GPU Miner AMD & NVidia (up to 45 sol/s on RX480)

Its seem to be scam for me. If someone get paid will be good but…

On the website I got “payed out” but I do not see anything in my wallet.

It was the long z address.

Are there any minimum confirmations for me to actually see the balance in my account?

Or should I see it after the first block?

See here: CoinsForAll

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Theoretically, you should see it right away but we’re just a few hours into the mining so we should expect a lot of bugs and uncertainty overall for a couple of days…

I am, but the 0.1 minimal payout is a concern for me with my low hashing power.

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if the pool is legit then admin will be able to make lower the payouts from 0.1 to 0.01 for all old address (new addresses already set for lower payouts 0.01).

Did he say he’s doing that?

He didn’t say it, but demand is high and it is technically possible so > if he is legit then we should see:

  1. Official confirmation/response on the forum
  2. 0.1 to 0.01 transition for old address sometime today or tomorrow.
  3. Payouts for “old” address

p.s. imho

Yeah, this has no sense for me, I stopped mining until some payment proof and decrease min payout to 0.01 /0.001 for all users

There are no payouts on that pool.

I got three so called payouts already: LINK

But there is 0 in my wallet…

Maybe a bug in zcash, but I highly doubt it :slight_smile:

Looks like balance stop updating as well. For the last ~1h it didn’t increase. Will monitor for a few min and will stop mining as well.

I stopped mining there… until I get a confirmation from someone reputable that they got paid I am not going back.

Also not too excited about the high payout threshold.

I also stopped, at this rate it would take me months to reach the threshold. And with no payouts anyways, what’s the point?

Turns out there were bugs in the code.

The pool admin is working on a fix now,

and also plans to decrease the payout threshold to 0.005

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FYI: Some good progress lately on the pool - admin has been responsive and working on some hot fixes. Check the forum.

20 bla bla bla bla

yeah i confirm the admin said
" Working on hotfix: change minimal payout to 0.005 for all and rollback fake payouts, wait please."

Anything new? How long do we have to wait to get the coins in our wallet?