Is someone coding an x32 zcash miner?

Just to know, I’ve been wanting to mine zcash in my win32 cpu for 10 days today. I can’t :S

Do you mean x86?

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I believe you have several choices on Windows. You can have unmanaged code (like the DLLs based on Win32) or the managed code (pain in the butt due to the crippled or missing APIs). I have not seen code for either in the GitHub repo.

If you want to use the current software on Windows, then I believe you can run Virtual Box hosting a Linux guest VM. I guess another option is to wipe the machine and install Linux.

Also, as far as I know, there are no X32 APIs for Windows, where X32 is the ILP32 data model or "32-bit Integer, Long, Pointer". It is usually used to relieve memory and register pressures on a server. Some Linux distros have X32, like Debian and Red Hat. I've also seen Intel talk about it in their docs for Windows, but I've never seen a public API.