Is Starkware a threat to Zcash?

As Zcash looks to focus and solidify its position as the “privacy” layer of “Web 3”, I can’t help but wonder if the timing will work out or will it be outshined by other solutions such as Starkware.

Given Starkware’s history and relation to Zcash (Eli Ben Sasson being one of the founding engineers of the Zero Cash protocol), and the velocity in which they seem to be getting good PR and building a positive community following, is Starkware the elephant in the room we should all be worried about?

Curious to hear thoughts on this topic as we will only see more and more competitors, however, Starkware seems like a very real threat at the moment so I believe it’s worth discussing.


Privacy at higher layers (Polygon Zero, Starkware etc) vs privacy at layer 1. It feels complementary.


Starknet from Starkware will be an L2 on top of Ethereum. Their product approach will be different from Zcash. As more people adopt zkp and engineers learn the quirk of building on top of an opaque chain, I can only see them as good complement to what we’re all trying to achieve.

Also, I predict that sharing an L2 with Ethereum is the most viable solution for Zcash programmability in the mid-term.


some thoughts I had related to the topic of Zcash & Starkware👇


I think my number one concern is ZEC holders being left behind if there is any sort of integration within ETH. Timeline-wise, Starkware is leaps and bounds ahead of ETH scaling compared to Zcash. And anyone who has used ETH knows that scaling solutions have been needed for at least 3 years.

I noticed you used “will be” a couple times here. It seems as if they already are. It’s the velocity vs. acceleration that I’m worried about. Will ZEC have enough velocity when Halo arrives and all other goodies (ETH/Filecoin partnership) to be a viable competitor? Will ETH need multiple scaling solutions or just one? Why would they wait for ZEC?

Thank you for sharing that which I missed previously. Starkware currently has no incentive to work with Zcash, because they already use the best part of Zcash (snarks) for their scaling and privacy solution that they offer. You mentioned if Starkware should receive funding from ZEC. I’m not sure if that’s like Google paying Apple to be the default search engine for Safari, or the equivalent of funding our own demise.

Overall I’m concerned on behalf of Zcash holders that the coins they currently hold will be rendered useless in the future due to “token not needed”.


So are all transactions private on Starkware apps?