Is the Zcash Foundation fully committed to Zcash? Why are they retaining $2,000,000 of altcoins?

(nobody needs to read this, I’ve been sharing the same opinion for years)

This is the ~35 million dollar question (35 million is the approximate altcoin holdings within the ZF and ECC/ their BTC, ETH, BLD, STRK, BOLT investments)

Was there consent back in 2019-2020 when creating ZEC block subsidies, to let these ecosystem subsidized orgs turn around and run crypto altcoin hedge funds, while indiscriminately dumping ZEC to cover operating/ administrative costs?

Read ZIP-1014 for yourself!

I think that when we look at the ZF and ECC balance sheets today, it isn’t unreasonable to conclude that they’ve broken the trust of the ecosystem by leveraging so far outside of Zcash/ ZEC.

This is why I’ve added the gentleman’s agreement to my Block Subsidy proposal. We need organizations that are all-in on Zcash. Otherwise, I don’t believe that they deserve ecosystem subsidies.

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