Is zcash going to be the first real digital cash by the end of this month?

Zcash peak my interest when I realized that BTC and ETH are fully public. Which isn’t a bad thing necessarily, if in 30-40 years most of the transactions on those chains are between governments/crops I see it as a huge win for the little guy. But in the same breath I think on how those chains transparency will result with even more surveillance and censorship if they grow to plantery-scale.

Like ya you can send and receive stuff with ease, but your government can ban your wallet from exchanges or decide to ban coins that come from specific wallets making those coins worthless and creating a rating system for all the coins, nobody will want to exchange a coin that later will be hard to exchange. Good thing to fight criminal bad thing for individual freedom

Then I stumbled upon the privacy coins category that mad me feel like this is the other side of the coin missing. Like what you want more from a cryptocurrency?
Limited supply :white_check_mark:
Privacy on txs :white_check_mark:
Decentralized :white_check_mark:
Is zcash going to be the first real cryptocurrency that is effectively a digital cash by the end of this month with halo?

I am from the Middle East to I am sorry if my English is a bit broken