Is Zcash Still For You?

With how much influence Zooko has on Zcash, and the statements he has made below, I dont think Zcash is for me anymore.

Unofficially Proposed 6 months ago - still he has not provided any proof this is a good idea.

[Edit for accuracy by @daira: this comment was on 14 November 2018, which is just under 2 months ago, not 6 months. @Lisfin has contacted me to say that he meant that Harmony mining was proposed 6 months ago, which is roughly correct.]

Tries to spin it as if its OPT-IN time-locking, when infact he means if you dont like it, dont mine it.

A team member says there might be security issues with the dualPoW, simulations show having a DualPoW might be more open to attacks.(only evidence we have right now, good or bad)…

He than says she is SLINGING accusations, and calls it unprofessional…who honestly looks unprofessional here? Thank you [Daira] for seeing a problem and raising awareness to it, even if its not something we want to hear.

Tells her “its not her job”…Shouldnt you be thankful for this evidence, considering you have no evidence showing its a good idea? This simulation “could” be the difference between getting attacked and not
Also time-locking officially proposed by Zooko 26 days ago, not leaving much time to research/examine/test before they have to vote on the issue. What is this congress? They use them tactics.

Has simulations showing security implications with dualPoW from team members…still nothing to show dualPoW or time-locking has any benefits…“continues forward”…

He wants us to use Zcash, However he wants to require all Zcash wallets to charge a dev fee everytime you send a transaction(even the free wallets should require fees), ontop of your miners fee, passing costs onto the end users.

When asked who he talked to that “agrees with harmony mining” he says, I dont have a list. However these people are what he is 100% basing his decision on.

90% or more of the people on these fourms are against this idea, other 10% just want proof of what he is saying before deciding, any proof to show its good or bad. I havent seen anyone that is 100% onboard yet.
But who are we… The “minority” or “vocal few”… Seems like a pretty solid percentage that are against this(ASIC debate again?), who are you talking to, that a large majority are in favor of this?

This is not an attack, this is not me trying to troll or insult, I am pointing out inconsistencies in Zookos reasoning for why he is so SURE he is right on this proposal. I could be wrong , but it seems like he was the one that proposed this out of nowhere 6 months ago as some random idea to please ASICs and GPU miners. It was just on a whim of his. I honestly thought it was just a joke or a bad idea at that time, now [2] months later here we are.

I am just showing that Zooko has way more control over this project than everything leads you to believe. Yes there is a foundation, Yes they had votes, Did it even matter, many things point to no. I am very dissapointed with the way Zcash has treated its users, even more so its miners.

Im just trying to let new people to Zcash understand, pay attention to what Zooko is saying, his voice is the loudest here, even if he might be wrong. If you dont agree with him, you probly wont agree with the way Zcash will head in the future.

I tried to get some answers to why he thinks this way, and he refuses to even respond with a simple “we have lots to back this up, just wait” or a “This evidence is why I THINK this is a good idea”, even a OPINION of why he thinks this way would be nice right now.

Why should I continue to spend my time with a coin that just does things based on one guys proposal he thought up while trying to please everyone during the last big change that angered alot of people. The same guy who will not tell us why he thinks this is the correct choice for the future of Zcash.

Good Luck Zcash, you were the coin that got me into mining and crypto, so I thank you immensely for that, its sad to see you fall so far. Wish everyone the best of luck with the proposed ideas.

Zcash is definitely not for me anymore.


I think this thread is a gross overreaction to the reality that of course Zooko has lots of control over the project, no one’s denying that. But similar to PoW/PoS itself, it would be logical for the people with influence to act solely in the interest and sustainability of the project regardless, due to their own investments in the ecosystem too.


The upgrade is still a ways off, take time to think (lots of testing coming up, drop by every once in a while)


…I guess it took him a while to find his hat & coat.


This is the Zcash community for ya.

I raise issues and problems I can see with Zcash and im basically ridiculed by 4 out of 5 replys, including a moderator trying to troll me by saying I cant be invested into Zcash if I dont own any coins.

Thank you Autotunafish, you have always made logical arugments and it was always nice having that present in a discussion.

The rest of you in this thread, attack the arugments not the person. I have raised valid concerns, but your right, its easier to attack the person than try to defend any of the arugments I have raised.


I think this is trolling so I’m shutting it down. No new points are being made here that haven’t been flogged at length in other threads.