JAXX Wallet or other

any idea when JAXX wallet out ?

or any other wallet thats trusted ?

Im holding back payouts as im not convinved im fluent enough with the integrated zcash wallet linuxx

If you’ve built the zcash sprout software in ubuntu, and want a nice GUI interface, compile the Swing Wallet GUI. It makes it like a Windows style GUI wallet. I know NOTHING about Ubuntu (am running it in a virtual machine), but by following the simple instructions, I was able to get it working. My client won’t mine, and I have no idea why, but I at least have a wallet for now until Jaxx gets theirs up and running. Do some google searching on the things I mentioned. Start at z.cash and go from there. I hope that helps a little…

We are working to add Zcash support to the Cryptonator online wallet at https://www.crypronator.com soon.

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