Best Zcash wallet for both, z and t transactions

Hi all,

is there meanwhile a simple to use and userfriendly ZCash wallet out there that allows to do both z and t transactions? I mean, one that is mainstream ready and I could recommend to my grandmother?
The GUI wallet seems to do the job in terms of user friendliness, but installing is not mainstream ready. JAXX and many others only support t transactions, but no z transactions (which of course misses the whole point of ZCash).
Let me know if you have any recommendations or if you know of any developer team, that is currently building such wallet.

Thanks guys!

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The Swing GUI wallet is bundled into my releases for mac and win at: and

The mac version is a drag and drop installer, and the win version is a windows installer msi package, and they both bundle in the needed java jvm and my ports of zcash to those platforms.