Jinsei is a framework for delivering precisely tailored blockchain analytic products to any clientele

Accounting for personal gains and fair market value income events ZCash is generally a terrible experience. Often, users manually classify transactions in Excel, hire a CPA, or, pay a lot of money to learn a tax software. All of which can be a headache and yield imperfect results.

Jinsei.AI empowers users with the almighty sword of blockchain life clarity. Bestowing users with easy accounting experiences and understandings of their Web3 possessions and surroundings.

Jinsei.AI is ready to:

  • Implement Jinsei’s archive node interfacing protocol

  • Implement Jinsei’s industry leading AI machine

  • Design and implement Jinsei Query Language

  • Build SDKs in several languages

  • Hire industry leading UI studios for Jinsei’s platform

What are your guys’ thoughts? :slight_smile:

Link to site: https://jinsei.ai

is this ad or proposal or wat?

Proposal <3

What is exactly your proposal? And how does it relate to Zcash?

Hi guys, Here is the proposal to Jinsei: Gallery View: Zcash Community Grants Program

ZCash gains and income event accounting will never be easier on Jinsei. You’ll be able to export your tax return for the US, JP, DE, GB, FR.

Users can also build signals to stay safe during high volume movement and can move ZCash itself on the platform.

@HenrikMoe thank you for your grant submission. The @ZcashGrants Committee has voted to reject this proposal at the most recent meeting.