ZECHAIN Zcash Blockchain


Hello Zcash users!

ZECHAIN in a nutshell:

It is a block explorer for Zcash and it is made to serve Zcash users. A simple platform which shows financial data and also Zcash network statistic in a simple format. One important principle is that the site’s intention is to take care of Zcash users privacy and let the users operate as private as possible. That means there won’t be any cookies or tracking analytics which could leak user information to 3rd parties when doing searches in zechain site and using its core. That might not matter today but it could matter tomorrow.

The site is still quite fresh and experimental so there can be bugs around the system. So if you spot any, please report to us using the contact form. The next milestone for zechain is to transfer the site layout to more dynamic from the current static model. For example the site won’t refresh the block table if a new block will be found etc. These are small things but they will make the site more convenient to use. After the adjustements are done we will be focusing to something new and cool.

The project resources are currently quite limited, so if you think something should be done another way or you would be interested to participate to this project just send us a message.


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