Josh Cincinnati leaving the Zcash Foundation

After an incredible three year tenure as Zcash Foundation’s inaugural Executive Director, Josh Cincinnati is resigning from his position effective today. The Board is sorry to see our excellent first commander, truly worthy of his name, depart our ranks, but we’re excited for his future endeavors, both inside and outside of the Zcash community. We’re also excited to start a new chapter at the Foundation.

The process to carefully select someone to fill Josh’s very large shoes is ongoing; we’ve planned on this transition for some time. Until we’re certain we’ve found the right ED, the ZF Board will collectively guide the organization and you can expect ZF activities to proceed uninterrupted. The Foundation’s eminently versatile Director, Antonie Hodge, will lead on execution of our current roadmap alongside our diligent and entrepreneurial engineering team, and Josh will consult on finding his replacement.

Josh was the first hire of the Foundation’s Board three years ago, whereupon he set to work to build the organization from the ground up. He oversaw the Foundation’s expansion to provide meaningful decentralization of the Zcash ecosystem, and was critical in articulating and executing on Zcash’s “2-of-2 multisig” governance structure. In addition to hiring and managing the Foundation’s exemplary team and setting the Foundation’s strategy and roadmap each year, he was the friendly face of the Foundation so many of you met at our Zcon events and a guiding voice during the dev fund debate.

Josh has been and will remain a principled and staunch supporter of decentralizing power in the Zcash ecosystem. We are indebted to Josh for all his contributions. He taught us all to “think different” and to always expect that “one last thing.” Look forward to an upcoming post from Josh on parting thoughts and hints at what he’s moving on to next!


Details from Josh:


“I expect Zebra will be the dominant node on the Zcash network by the end of 2021. :)” :grin: :zebra: farewell and as always may your coordinates be free of tribbles!


WOW! That was unexpected. Thank you @acityinohio for everything you’ve done for Zcash. Big shoes to fill for Zcash foundation.

“Simply put, mutual trust was irreparably lost. Since I view it as unlikely that the ECC’s top leadership would ever change (or that the structure of power would meaningfully change at any successor organization), I instead chose to leave. New leadership within the Foundation offers the opportunity to reset the relationship.” [Extracted from Josh’s Twitter post-]

Thank you Josh again for going extra mile to make things happen for Zcash. But sad to hear mutual trust & relationship had to be broken. May be things would’ve been better if ECC is a non-profit!!


Tough to lose such a valuable asset to the Zcash Foundation, but once trust is lost it is nearly impossible to repair so something would eventually have to give. I commend @acityinohio on recognizing this and making his difficult decision which clearly shows his respect for the Zcash ecosystem. I wish him nothing but the best going forward.