What’s the plan for ZF?

curious how ZF is going about deciding who’s going to replace josh as ZF’s executive director. is an existing board member replacing him? does the board vote on this? will the board need to replace a member when new ED is elected? how would new member be elected onto board? will ZCAP have any say in the matter?


From speaking with @amiller the Foundations board is already actively seeking a replacement for Josh. I don’t believe it will be part of a ZCAP vote by the community since the board can simply hire a replacement with a majority vote.

The process to carefully select someone to fill Josh’s very large shoes is ongoing; we’ve planned on this transition for some time. Until we’re certain we’ve found the right ED, the ZF Board will collectively guide the organization and you can expect ZF activities to proceed uninterrupted.


interesting, is ZF electing/hiring a current board member?

Interesting question, I don’t know if a current board member would be able to step into the role. Perhaps?

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would definitely feel more comfortable if ZF “promoted” an existing board member with a track record over hiring an (for lack of better term) “outsider”. would be cool if ZCAP could then vote for a new board member like we did for amber/ian.

Yes, if someone stepped down it would probably trigger a ZCAP vote for a replacement.

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really fascinated by how the process of replacing josh will work. reason i’m so interested in this subject is the executive director spot at ZF mostly deals with issues in regards to governance (josh says vast majority of his time was spent on governance). imo, a power position at ZF that deals mainly with governance should be up to ZCAP vote.

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I disagree that there’s any reason for this to be a ZCAP vote. The ZF clearly has the authority (and plenty of reason) to choose its director on its own.


i’m not super militant on this, but after learning ED position at ZF has been/is mostly political; don’t think it would be a terrible idea to allow ZCAP to vote on potential ED candidates, and eventually vote for the entire ZF board. guess my main concern currently is ZF could potentially elect/hire (whatever their plan is) a pushover that gets dominated by outside forces. would definitely feel more comfortable if they elected an existing board member for the ED spot, rather than looking for an outsider that might not completely understand zcash lore.


The ZCAP don’t share in the same legal consequences as the ZFND is relation to selecting a Director, y’all talk about stake in the game (or something) right?