Josh S. on DCN Podcast



At 45:50, @joshs mentions the time it takes to sync a wallet, an issue that has been with us forever. I have suggested something to actually solve this, which @hanh said it wouldn’t work but did not elaborate for some reason, so I personally still think it may be worth exploring this method:

Again, the idea is flexible, but imagine a sync that happens every day at say 3am, when you are both plugged (no battery usage), and on WiFi (no cellular data usage). From there, if a transaction needs to be done at any point during the day, it should be a few seconds on sync at most.

Also, at 41:37 regarding the “hardware” exploration, @joshs you may find this chain specific wallet: (some more details on this video @ 39:40 ) - I like this idea of a wallet made for Zcash, although I have no idea how costly that would be.

Now that I have finished the entire episode, I want to add that I am super thankful for this great and super interesting interview of Josh, thanks Joël Valenzuela!


Daily background sync while the phone is plugged in and on wifi is currently in testing in the Zashi iOS wallet, and will likely be in the next release. If you are interested to review and provide feedback, the PR is here: [#982] Background syncing by LukasKorba · Pull Request #985 · Electric-Coin-Company/zashi-ios · GitHub


That’s an awesome news @nuttycom, thanks for sharing and looking forward to knowing how it works out!!

Unfortunately on my side I am on Android; do you currently have an approach to replicate the daily background sync on that system? cc @str4d


Yes; it should actually be pretty straightforward to implement the same features on Android, but it will be a little bit longer because there are a bunch of higher-priority features that will be implemented for the Android app before we get to background sync there. Still, it shouldn’t be too long - probably a few weeks, though that’s just a guess.