YWallet 1.2.15 - Background Synchronization

Background Sync

On Android,

Starting from version 1.2.15, once started, synchronization continues as a service.

You can switch to other apps or lock your device, and YWallet will synchronize in the background.

There will be a notification message with a progress indicator.

  • Background Sync is only available on Android devices.
  • On iOS, due to platform restrictions, the application must remain in the foreground.
  • On desktop, Synchronization always happens concurrently with other programs.

Some Android manufacturers prefer battery life over the proper functionality of your apps. Refer to Don’t kill app for more information.

Local Notifications

On Android,

You’ll receive a tray notification if the balance of your account changes as a result of a new confirmed transaction. YWallet must be running but does not need to be in the foreground.




Can this be made toggle-able? I don’t like services syncing continuously in the background and prefer to sync on my own accord.

How much increased battery draw have you found by enabling this service?

Close the app and it won’t sync in the background.

As in go to the Android settings or app switcher and kill the app? Or merely backing out of the app will close down said service? How does the latter differ from switching to another app?

I see no option to shutdown from within the Ywallet.

Yeah, the app switcher and swipe the app up.


Great, thank you. I really appreciate the prompt responses. Thank you for continuing to make YWallet the most full featured lightwallet for Zcash.