Lamassu’s Zach Harvey Shares Data on Growing Use of BTC ATMs (Adding Zcash in coming weeks)

" >> Due to demand from their operators << , Lamassu plans to add altcoins, such as ether and zcash, to their machines in the coming weeks."

Nice. Anyone have a Bitcoin ATM near them?

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I just looked. There are 3 Bitcoin ATM’s in my city. I have to say though, they’re in pretty sketchy/shady places. I might have to test them out :wink:

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this really is big news! if it wasn’t bloodfest 2017, might’ve actually been enough to move our market upward.

Asides from South Korea, this is one of the better news pieces over the past 7 days.
Lamassu are trusted and well regarded in this space. Very close to being on the number one spot in terms of usability and support, with only negative being high fees.


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