ZCASH Market Prospectus 2016-2017

Hello! My name is josh at DigitMint Inc. we are a digital assets firm that specializes in mining farms, legal matters and custom coin creation. That being said here is our prospectus for Zcash as well as ZcashCLASSIC(ZClassic).

With the declining price of Zcash one might think that the coin was a hype scam who’s sole purpose was to generate ROI to founders of Zcash in the very beginning. Did founders have access to mining at the very beginning and did they get a return? Our opinion: of course they did. Will we see Zcash fade away after this unsettling news? No. Here’s Why.

Zcash’s sole purpose for creation was to provide 100% anonymity. More so than Monero and on a larger scale. The underground community located on channels such as Tor, Black markets, etc. are fervently waiting for one thing and one thing only: Supply Increase.

Let’s look at it this way. Let’s say the entire criminal network solely uses Bitcoin and other altcoins like Monero for their transactions. We can all agree that these transactions total up well over $500,000,000. (There are many advantages to using Zcash over Monero but for this thread we refrain from diluting the theme.)

In order for the community to even consider using Zcash there must be enough supply to handle all of their transactions. There is a huge security issue when using multiple coins for the same purpose. Loops holes and countermeasures allow law enforcement to track transactions if they aren’t done with a single coin. This being said, we have not reached the pinnacle of Zcash maturity. Wether or not Zcash will take over as the official coin of all these criminal activities is up for speculation. But from our friends who dabble in such things, rest assured that community is very restless for Zcash.

As for ZcashCLASSIC(ZClassic), an interesting development for the community. Holding almost a similar ROI as Zcash yet at a lower value per coin. We actually feel ZcashCLASSIC(ZClassic) will be a nessecary asset to a zcash in the future. If demand for zcash surpasses its output, ZcashCLASSIC(ZClassic) will be the obvious choice to handle overflow. We foresee Zcash and ZcashCLASSIC(ZClassic) to be working together soon together and will be tightly linear to eachother when it comes to ROI.

For now we wait, mine Ethereum or Monero with your GPU’s. Don’t count Zcash out just yet. The founders and investors have invested too much money for the project to fail and seeing already the usable integrations such as Debit Cards and Market Apps is premise for longevity.

Our official market prediction:
December 2016 - February 2017
$40-80 per coin

March 2017-May 2017 $200-400

June 2017- $500+ Here we will see widespread use in underground channels.


If you are right, I owe you a :cookie:

Really hope that the price will go that far up.
The last 2 days I was speculating to dump my ZEC into Eth or BTC

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Okay, deal. You’ll get a box of norwegian :cookie: when your prediction comes true.

Youll find me here on the forums just in case I should forget about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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well i wish shawn could give me an answer about that

Are you the crypto version of Saul Goodman from Breaking Bad? :slight_smile:


I don’t think that the coin will go down below 80 dollar. I’ve stopped selling it for BTC. I will hold it now.

After the darkmarkets accept the coin it will go up to sky!

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slow start is not yet over is it?
so it should still go down

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We’re about halfway through the slow start according to this:

and this

As for Monero vs ZCash… Monero still doesn’t have a GUI wallet, it is a volunteer effort so development moves SLOOWWWWWWLY.

ZCash on the other hand is a for profit company with a who’s who of cryptography and cryptocurrency on board or as investors. In other words it’s primed for success and development is speedy (look how fast Jaxx integrated it, compared to Monero for example.)

I agree with this prospectus, ZCash has a bright future in terms of development, adoption and price valuation. The latter is the result of the former, not the other way around.


Well that’s your predicition.
I say that Zcash will go under 100$ and it won’t ever come above it.

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My prediction: ZCash if properly positioned will replace Bitcoin within 5 years due to Bitcoin’s scaling/governance issues.

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Totally agree and been saying same thing myself,we have been looking for a bitcoin competitor but with untraceable transactions and now we have it,privacy is a big think in our world now and zcash will provide that.

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at the end of your post, why do you suggest mining ETH or XMR if you are so bullish on ZEC? am I missing something?

btw I tend to agree with your bullish perspective. if ZEC proves itself over time to truly be “Bitcoin 2.0”, there’s no reason not to expect the price to go well past $1,000 per ZEC 2 to 5 years down the road. it could potentially begin chipping away at BTC’s market share.

but I also see a case where ZEC does not ever chip away at BTC but still sees substantial gains regardless. if more of the world jumps onto the crypto bandwagon, the market could just grow as a whole, not necessarily one coin gaining share at the expense of another. BTC has the prevailing “brand” and market cap for the foreseeable future, but that’s not to say ZEC won’t ever see a multi-billion dollar market cap as well someday.

Not that we aren’t mining Zcash because WE ARE all I’m suggesting is to mine ethereum and Monero if you aren’t sure of what else to mine is all.

zec is up 40% on the day… any idea why? just regular volatility?

with irs going after coinbase and most likely other exchanges Zcash has already proven the need for it’s existence and as soon as the z addresses work properly and enough wallets support those addresses the market share of Zcash will rise.

That new site maybe? There’s no good reason honestly why traders bid the prices they do accept to make money and leave us miners to just take in the hoohaaa

@Digitmint Hi. If I want to bet solely on the anonymity feature and hedge against any risk of adverse regulatory action, is it enough to go long ZEC short XBT or would you recommend different hedge

Here’s the thing, we have multiple coins at play here, going long on ZEC is ALWAYS good but that also means shorting the major coins: Bitcoin,Ethereum,Dash,And Monero as well so manage risks when shorting and I honestly wouldn’t On Bitcoin because it’s price will actually be going up very soon lol so Long Bitcoin as wel if you desire.

ZEC will go up I believe due to the 40% increase we saw today alone and newer dark web sites popping up and an apparent “street” price for Zcash of like $100 is already appearing in certain channels.

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If darknet markets move to ZCash wouldn’t that be negative for Bitcoin?