Launching the Zcash Minor Grants Program by ZFND

The results are in!

With 102 votes cast, the approval threshold was 52 votes. Four grants were approved:

Congratulations to the successful applicants!

We’ll be running another cycle of the Minor Grants program later this year. We’d love to hear any feedback or suggestions you have. Post them here! :point_down:


Congrats to the first-round grantees :partying_face:

I’m especially happy to see Zcast on that list and looking forward to the new podcast content released by @gordonesTV!

Zcash Zeitgeist will move forward as an independent ZF A/V Club collaboration via a new campaign on Free2z - Keep an eye out for that! :zcash: :zebra:


Hello my friends, I want to express my gratitude for all of your support. It is an absolute honor to be part of the first Zcash Minor Grants Program, and I will do my best to deliver the best product.
A special thanks to the ZCAP members who believe in the potential of my proposal. I will not disappoint you!
This grant will not only go towards the development of Dizzy (previously Dizzy Wallet, but I think I’ll drop the “wallet” part to avoid confusing users) but also towards the development and maintenance of my previous work for Zcash Global, such as ZecQuiz, ZecStats, and my Zcash RPC documentation website.
This grant will also go beyond just Dizzy - I already have a few other projects in mind (I’ll keep you guys updated on that).
Sorry for not being able to express all of my gratitude, but I’m a little speechless right now.
(I’m not crying, you’re crying! :joy: )


Thanks for this goods news!

Thanks for your support! I’m very excited! Now, ready to Zcast!!!

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Thanks to Community Grants for this opportunity! And thanks to the entire Zcashers community who are committed to further outreach and education.

Zcash marketing has been a constant topic of discussion here in the forum, and little by little we will see how these contents, podcasts or videos will bring the word of Zcash to more people on the planet.


Fewer than 60% of eligible Zcap voters provided a vote :frowning:
Perhaps Zcap membership should come with a complimentary dead-man’s switch.

Dead man’s switch - Wikipedia

congrats, folks! you guys deserve it! I’m excited to see what’s coming in the next months :fire:


There is, 3 strikes (missed votes) and you’re out (it used to be 1)

More info in this post:


Hello guys, I have question.
My project was accepted to receive this Minor Grant, but I’m confused, I opted to break the grant value into 4 milestones, but in my proposal it says I’ll receive upon completion of grant.
The first imlestone is done:

  • Keep suporting and hosting my previous work (Discord bots I did before the grant)
  • First Release of Dizzy Wallet for testing (on my private discord server)

Does milestone based payments only apply for the Major grants?
Will I recevied the grant only when I complete all milestones?

Should I create a topic docummenting the updates?

Either way, the development is going strong, Every milestone will be completed before the end of the year. And much more (I have a few projects I started before this grant, so there’s some cool stuff to come).

Thanks once again Zcash and Zcashers!


Kicking people out who don’t vote seems to have a lot of problems to me.

If you what you are trying to do is make voting more popular, a negative reinforcement mechanism is dumb. Imagine if your country had that.

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ZCAP is not an arbitrary membership, as opposed to the inherited rights to voting in a liberal democracy. The ZCAP members actively campaigned to their role (and to their reaffirmation in their role), and so if they stray from that role it is reasonable to move the process at a good pace to reseat a new and engaged ZCAP member. 3 missed elections in a row, hypothetically for 40% of the total eligible voters would be, frankly speaking, pathetic in my opinion, but it would be valid under the current policies. I’m glad to see that some policy exists at all, but I wonder if 2 is the magic number (rather than 1 or 3).

I would promote the idea of an active abstain vote (a dead man’s switch) to allow for engaged members to identify that they witnessed the voting possibility but actively decided not to. This is different from missing the vote because of being dead (unaware or removed from the community hosting the vote).

I’d also promote a total majority participation rate, necessary to make any vote tallying to be considered valid or invalid. If fewer than 75% of all eligible ZCAP voters do not participate, I think that the entire voting instance should be invalidated. This requirement would compliment a dead man’s voting solution also, allowing for many members to vote active abstain - while still creating valid total voting process outcomes. Re: @covfefe @David_Heisenberg @nathan-at-least


Hey James, We will reach out to you directly regarding this. Thanks


Thanks, and sorry for my anxiety :sweat_smile:


I see you tagged me about ZCAP membership policies, and I wanted to clarify that I keep an “arm’s length” from ZCAP and clarify why:

I strive to keep an “arm’s length” relationship to ZCAP and avoid trying to influence the ZCAP structure, policies, participation, or vote topics. Two exceptions: (a) I do refer folks to apply to it on occasion, and (b) for any topics related to my interest/focus at ECC I publicly share my positions, so that can overlap with ZCAP voting content sometimes. This is because since I already have an “official” way to influence Zcash community through my role at ECC, I feel it’s better to keep a cleaner separation from other governing bodies and get out of the way of other community members to express their voice through ZCAP.

That being said, I will say generally I’m heartened to see ZCAP continue to iterate and expand membership in thoughtful ways! IMO, Zcash generally needs to keep steady progress on multiple ways to expand reliable governance and decentralization to keep pace with its growing network and community.

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When is the next round of minor grants? I’m eager to apply again.


We’ll announce in the next few weeks. We’re looking forward to the next round as well!


Applications for the next round are now open!



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