Let's bring pos to zcash

I feel pos is the Future let’s bring some better discussions that’s logical and makes sense

I am against PoS.

“We also explored an alternative to DMMS, proof of stake. We showed that by depending only on resources within the system, proof of stake cannot be used to form a distributed consensus, since it depends on the very history it is trying to form to enforce loss of value.” - Andrew Poelstra 2015

PoS = No hard-work involved approach, impossible for one to obtain ZEC unless they have access to the exchanges that offer ZEC.

That makes pos more secure if it depends on history

So few miners deserves to have the distribution rather than exchange…

And one can’t mine zcash example me
I need asic or better investment just to mine it… So only few mine and they get to decide the fate… Your killing zcash

No, you can mine Zcash with your standard pc. It’s just because price of Zcash is low currently so you don’t make profit mining it.

It’s useless to mine on pc and you know it already… I’ll be wasting my pc energy doing so.
Zcash needs pos or something better than that