Let's talk about ........ positive news 😊


Jeps, the let’s talk about is referring to the ASIC topic. In my opinion, nothing new anymore there, but a lot of people posted and got involved.

So why not a new topic, but now with positive news about Zcash. A lot happened with Zcash, but it all got pushed away by the asic discussion.

I myself am still a believer, and recent news events confirm my believe in the long run. For me the listing of Zcash on Kraken, was a big breakthrough . And in my opinion positive that a private coin like Zcash is, got listed there.

And I guess we all have examples like this, so let’s keep it positive and keep on going forward.


at least read the title, it should be positive only , lol


You know there’s a Zcash company team that’s working on the new consensus protocol right now?


Zcashd v1.1.2 released! :heart: https://blog.z.cash/new-release-1-1-2/


“Qualified Custodian Kingdom Trust Now Accepts ZCash and Stellar Lumens as Investments”—https://btcmanager.com/qualified-custodian-kingdom-trust-now-accepts-zcash-and-stellar-lumens-as-investments/


“Coinbase is Exploring Cardano, Basic Attention Token, Stellar Lumens, Zcash, and 0x”—https://blog.coinbase.com/coinbase-is-exploring-cardano-basic-attention-token-stellar-zcash-and-0x-9e44f0eb823f



“What’s New in Sapling”—https://blog.z.cash/whats-new-in-sapling/ by Sean Bowe


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“Coinbase Exploring Zcash”—https://blog.z.cash/coinbase-exploring-zcash/


Fixed. The Coinbase announcement drove a new level of traffic to our site and made it unreliable until we fixed that.


This is good news because Zcash is one of the coins in the Bitwise Hold 10 index (because Zcash was one of the top 10 coins according to 5-year-diluted market cap last time they rebalanced).

If an ETF gets approved in the US, it will probably cause more money to flow into whatever coins that ETF offers exposure to (as well as other coins, indirectly). That directly supports the investment/store-of-value use case, but it also supports the payments/medium-of-exchange/financial-inclusion/new-applications use cases by increasing liquidity, distribution, exposure, credibility, and demand.



Not bad, considering it is one of those shallow “check out this asset you could buy!!!” articles. I didn’t see any errors or gaping omissions, and I liked the numerous quotes from people other than me. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


BitGo added Zcash today!


The BOLT prototype code has been published :slight_smile:



This is one of the three more exciting fronts that I’ve been following!

I’m curious if you could comment on the “succinct blockchain” approach by the team at Coda Protocol?


There’s some more detail in this thread Succint blockchains


Totally missed that, thanks Gareth!



My new favorite view into onchainfx’s “Comparative Cybercoinology Dashboard”: https://onchainfx.com/v/uSNdPr Now using coinmetrics.io’s 's “Adjusted TX Vol”, and “Payment Count” instead of the old “TX Vol” and “Transaction Count”.