Live-tweeting first attempt to build zcash on FreeBSD

I’m live-tweeting my first attempt to get zcash to build on FreeBSD right now at for those of you who care about multi-platform support. If/when I succeed, it may or may not have better performance than zcashd on linux for CPU solving.

Like, why the hell do I need w3m to compile git? and how deep does this recursive dependency graph go???

could be s/worse/ node.js

hahaha…yeah, the biggest surprise of the night is that nowadays git has more dependencies than emacs, for god’s sakes…I got tired of fighting with boost and shut my FreeBSD instance off for the night, after zcash coding for days I’m gonna watch Z Nation

…how that’s even possible is beyond me.
enjoy your z and z.

heh, well if I’d built emacs from source FIRST I’m sure a lot of the same nonsense would have been pulled in by it instead, they share a lot of cruft in common and this was on a fresh and clean FreeBSD box!

with a debian build, git has only <10 whilst emacs has 40+.
which dependency culprit keeps branching sub-dependencies and even dare i ask sub-sub-dependencies?

I said “yes” to some optional features in dependencies of git that I suspect caused the number of dependencies to explode…and a fresh FreeBSD with NO dev toolchain installed to start with is a big part of the picture! :slight_smile:

haha, sure, the latter can cause all kinds of screwy.
hm, now somewhat tempted to attempt a openbsd build :kissing_smiling_eyes:

the most painful part so far was that you need the right version of boost (1_62_0) which is a LOT newer than what was in ports

other than that, the only big hurdle i foresee is getting libsnark to build, the rest of the stuff is pretty standard and you can get what version it needs from the depends/ directory in the packages folder (and don’t forget the stuff in depends/patches!)

If my son’s RasPi3 had more ram I’d try to build on that!

omg I figured out what’s going on when I just setup another FreeBSD vm to work on this on my local box…of course FreeBSD doesn’t ship with bash installed by default, but git has bash as a dependency, so a source build of git from the ports tree builds bash and all of its dependencies from source!!!

Only issues had with boost briefly were with saraths fork of nheqminer.
Whats the progress so far btw? Much luck with libsnark?

Too bad. Only real SBCs worth current time of day are those pc engines and tronsmart dracos :smirk:

Yes, using the clang34 toolchain. There’s now an official ticket in the freebsd issue tracker where grarpamp and I will track our progress: 213930 – (zcash) net-p2p/zcash: create initial port and package

I still need to get the right version of boost built with clang++ 3.4 and all the right options for the rest of the zcash codebase, which I haven’t had a lot of time for today. And neither of us have had a chance to put any of our notes on things so far into that ticket, but we will soon.

git devs are straight up shellists.
No love for zsh? Whats up with that?

Thanks, shall watch that ticket.

At this point what’s really needed for ALL non-linux ports is for someone with C++ expertise to jump in, as they all have had similar (or the EXACT SAME!) problems with the zcash source once you get all the dependencies in place and are able to get the code itself building, which is what I spent most of the last month doing.

I’m going to shortly write a “C++ coders needed for non-linux zcash ports” post shortly, as my expertise, as its relevant to the zcash project, is in build/release engineering and DevOps (which is why I was able to pump out a turnkey, zero-config AMI for AWS so fast). But I’ve spent a lot of time since the 1980’s trying to dodge C++, which has now come back to haunt me.

Lots of template ambiguity errors!

As things stand, we’re still in early days and there’s not really really a high enough demand
If things change, o may actually be interested in filling this void personally

I know there’s probably not ever going to be a huge demand for the FreeBSD port, I actually started working on it to relax (I am one of those twisted grey beards who find building their tools from source on a fresh, solid *BSD relaxing). I’ve put most of my effort the last month into my Windows and Mac porting efforts. My stab at FreeBSD was to distract me from the ongoing chaos of everything else in the zcash ecosystem immediately post-launch. :slight_smile:

nothing twisted about that.
clean hardened builds is zen, even though devel and fuzلُلُلررًخ ॣ ॣ 冗و
is somewhat more rewarding.

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