Build zcash on OS X

It would be nice to be able to build the project in OS X. Anyone knows anything about this?

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Nelson R. Pérez

perhaps this is a good starting point that could help you:

Yes, @Mugatu and I have both been working quite a lot on getting it to build on OS X. (there’s a thread on it in here)
With Apple’s clang compiler that’s included with Xcode, libsnark won’t build, and the dependency build system in the depends/ directory doesn’t work with gcc compilers (such as with the toolchain in brew, which we are both using).

We’ve had to hack ./configure to get around a few things, and I haven’t messed with my mac build for a couple of days, but we will be posting here when either of us has success, with instructions and/or a link to build scripts.

Any contributions to the build effort on OS X can send me BTC at: 1AsoFtYfV2mCpCS98Qf3ytKs8y9VSzZ4V5 or fiat to: PayPal.Me

I wonder if the built binary works on Mac. Like if you compile it on Linux but pass it on Mac.
Would it be possible for it to work?

I’m saying this because in 1.0 they’ll be releasing the binary directly. Actually, from what I read in this forum, binaries were supposed to be released in some beta before the sprout release, so we might get them really soon.

The zcash company itself is NOT going to have a version for mac by launch on oct 28, either in a source build or binary release; they have it listed as a “TODO some time after 1.0” item. They are prioritizing getting the linux version ready for the 1.0 release. @Mugatu and I have been putting some serious work into getting a mac build ready by then.

Also, its not currently possible to do a cross compiled build from linux to mac right now. So if there is to be a mac build of the 1.0 version, it will be a community built one. As working on open source zcash stuff outside of any corporate umbrella is all I’m doing right now, any contributions would really help and be greatly appreciated!