Looking for 8GB RX580s

Usage condition doesn’t matter, I’ll be buying 3.


What size ram 4 gb or 8 gb? Newegg has them

Radeon RX 580,4GB,8GB Desktop Graphics Cards | Newegg.com

I’m looking for used ones if it wasn’t obvious.

I’m sorry about that. You try ebay?

It’s alright.

I did, but it’s overpriced/doesn’t ship

Used one’s are still going to be over priced for a while. A lot those on ebay are cheaper then what I paid for my used GTX 1070’s my cards cost me between $400.00 and $435.00 shipped.

Brand new 580s have been readily available for a while now. Was hoping people cashing out would be selling.

try gshenusa.com, pretty great rates :wink: