Suggestion on 4GB or 8GB memory?

Hi All,

I have a R9 280X and RX 480 4GB and I am getting about ~630 Sols, I am about to add another card to my rig, but wanted to get an opinion if I should go with another RX 480 4GB memory or I should get a RX 480 8GB memory? The price difference is only about 20 USD.


8GB will have higher resale value in my opinion and more future-proof.

Thank you for our feedback...

honestly if i could get 470 4g cards this last week, I would have, but they are all sold out here. I did have the possiblity of getting some 470 4g xfx out of package from the factory tomorrow (now later today), but i just went ahead yesterday and ordered the 480 8g cards out of package because 1. I like the removable fans so much that I thought it was worth paying the extra 30$ for them... it makes cleaning out dust and dog hair so easy... and 2. I didnt want to risk the 480 8g getting sold out in case the 470 4g seller did not get the 470s later today (which happens here, someone says they can get, will get something, then dont)... 470s and 480s are so hard to get here now I didn't want to risk it when i saw the 6 480 8gs for sale. (only 6 were for sale so i nabbed them)

They are reissuing 470D here from some manufacturers, namely dataland and now biostar is making their own 470D.. but those wont be out til end of month and I need to build now... not in 2 weeks.

That being said, I do feel Oryn is right about future proofing.. thought at the rate GPUs are increasing in performance these days... not sure either 480 or 470 will be worth it in 2 years for example.. (as 4G might not be enough for mining ethereum or ethereum classic in about 1 to 1.5 years) but i guess i protected myself eitherway since i have more 480 8g than 470 4g.

what brand are you looking at?

Sapphire brand.....There is a RX 580 4G which is about the same price sa the RX 480 I am also wondering what you guy's opinion on that.

Get the 480 8gb if it's in stock as the 580 4gb is no faster.

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@BUTUZ sounds right to me, get the 480 8g, faster mem is better

thank you all....unfortunately the 8GB card sold out...gonna have to wait for them to be back in stock...

480 8g, chances are very very slim it comes back in stock. I just got lucky yesterday and nabbed up 6 out of box xfx 480 8g cards (direct from the XFX factory) that came on sale from one seller - in box - totally sold out china wide - the XFX factory has no more.

my advice; you find ANY 470 or 480 thats cheaper than its 500 series counterpart - get them

Do you guys not have access to They have plenty of RX 480 8 gb GPU's.

Jeremy that was my source, they are out of the Sapphire RX 480 8GB version...

if you are in the USA you can still get a lot of good 400 series cards

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So I did end up getting a Sapphire RX480 8GB card, but now I got another question, How should I position my cards? I got 1 Sapphire RX 480 4GB 1 Sapphire RX 480 8GB and then the R9 280X 3GB. What would be the optimal way to position these cards? Any help is very much appreciated.

your going to probably want to remove that thermal tape between the PCB and backplate.

anyway to position them so they get good airflow.

does it matter which PCI-E slot each GPU goes into? Should I have the 8GB card in the first PCI-E slot that's closest to the CPU? or it doesn't matter which card goes into which PCI-E slot?

makes no difference, slot them as you will. you dont even ened to put any directly into a PCIE slot, you can use risers for them all

got it...thank you for your feed back....

you're very welcome and best of luck building and mining :sunglasses: