Looking for a JavaScript Sapling address validator

Would someone know of a JavaScript validator for Sapling’s bech32 addresses?

Or, why might a BTC bech32 decoder complain that a Sapling address has ‘non-zero padding’:


I do not know of any javascript validators for Zcash/Sapling addresses.

The BTC decoder is likely to complain because of changes in the format (such as address size) when compared to Zcash.

There is a lot of very technical documentation - starting with the protocol specification

The section you are asking about is around 5.6 -> 5.6.4 which should lead you to ZIP-173.

Which will list the details zcash takes to use bech32. It also includes a reference encoder/decoder from zcashd source in bech32.cpp

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Thanks for the swift reply! With some details from the ZIP, I was able to get validation working with the existing BTC library. :smiley: