Unstoppable Domains Sapling Address Format bug

Just an FYI to the Zcash Community. The Ycash team found a bug for Zcash sapling address support for Unstoppable Domains.

If you have a Zcash address linked to a domain, double check it. Transparent addresses look fine, but sapling address format is off. No funds should be at risk because zcashd would just reject the invalid 77 character sapling address even if you managed to link it.

Issues have been opened via GitHub for the resolution libraries. Seems like relatively easy fix, but not sure about their release schedule.

Example issue: Zcash Sapling Address regexp pattern is incorrect

Language repos affected: js, Java, go, swift


Two other unstoppable repos had a similar bug/issue: UNS and dot-crypto.

Issues were submitted for those as well.

Just at quick glance, it seems these were missed because their tests only test t addresses. So, if someone from ECC or ZF is motivated to make these legit and fully tested, then you might want to create a pull request with updated tests as well.

Also, this might be a good idea for upcoming orchard/unified-addresses too.


Pull request to fix the regexp pattern submitted:

UNS : fix Zcash sapling regexp

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