[Service] zcash-shield.me - Pay any BTC address with shielded ZCash over Tor

I would like to introduce a service that will increase the utility of shielded ZEC addresses. ZCash-shield.me is a simple shapeshift-like service that uses shielded ZCash. Native connections over Tor are supported and the site is JavaScript-free.

You can send specific amounts for bill payments or just send zcash and let the site exchange it to equivalent BTC value.

This is a second topic. I addressed several privacy and trademark concerns that were brought up in the first one, in particular by @Shawn (thanks!) :

  • Email address has been removed from the form. This means you need to save your order id if you want to discuss the order with support (support email is on page)

  • The website is not ran by or associated with Electric Coin Company.

  • As with any non-atomic, centralised exchange, you need to trust me not to run away with the cash. (look up Mt. Gox). Unlike an exchange, I don’t hold on to your cash, so IMO the risk is lower.

  • The website is designed around Tor access (lack of Javascript is a serious design limit). This is the log-free, privacy-oriented way to access the service. I consider clearnet url to be more of a convenience access for those that prefer this route over installing Tor Browser

This is a much needed service and I will do what I can to help you raise and/or mitigate privacy issues that may occur.

Could you please give a technical breakdown of the privacy concerns, I am not fussed about the trademark. I have a few privacy questions, id like to ask so I think you should do this publicly.

Would you please provide a flow model for how the transactions and system works. There is no information on the site, except send zec here and I will send btc over there.

I am experienced in webapp pentesting if that is of use to you? id need a get out of jail free card first though. (PM me if you are interested.)

Also you spelt address wrong for zcash address and btc address.

After reading today morning the FATF guidelines i’am pretty sure that this shielding service absolutly falls under the FATF guidelines and it’s something i would give some attention.

IF you follow the guidelines you have to collect full KYC and other data.

Here a link to what what i’am talking about:

But… why?
Why should anyone trust a complete stranger with their funds?
You might even give your services correctly for 10 years, who tells me your not going to run away in 11?

Under my eyes this service is bull cr*p and without any garantees no one in the world(or parallel worlds) should even try to test it out.

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For the same reason you trusted the exchange when buying ZEC. Or you trusted that the moderator and the seller are not the same person on a p2p exchange. Decentralised systems are complicated, slow and hard to implement.

Unlike all those folks that keep their ZEC on exchanges (if that’s you, withdraw to your own wallet now), the capacity for financial harm is limited here - you get the BTC straight away.

I will keep an eye on my local legislation. Right now I’m fairly certain I’m in the clear. If that won’t be the case, I would much rather change jurisdictions.

Who told you I trust exchanges? Still, the comparison doesn’t make any sense.

You make assumptions based on your experience:
I’ve been mining ZEC for 2 years, I’ve been using many different exchanges which usally are maintained by registered companies.

Scammer is scammer, I won’t be posting anymore.

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