Looking for Pool Statistics

I’m looking for mining pool statistics - to elaborate, I had previously been using https://explorer.zcha.in/ which used to have a handy pie chart showing how many blocks various pools had mined over the last 24 hours/week/month or whatever other periods of time it showed.

That functionality no longer seems to be working on the site, unless the issue is on my end, and I haven’t been able to find the information anywhere else.

Does anyone have a link of some sort which can provide me with this sort of information, rather than having to manually go through the list of recently mined blocks?

I don’t want to join Flypool, as last time I looked they had significantly more than 50% of the mining power, and adding to that seems like a bad thing to do. I would like to join a pool that finds blocks more often than every few days, though, and while going through the pages of recently mined blocks is somewhat informative, it would be nice to have a chart showing distribution over the last week or month for a longer view.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!