{ OIWE.flypool } - Android App for monitoring on Flypool

AppLink: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.oiweinfo_flypool

Good afternoon, crypto miners!

Let me introduce you to another application for monitoring mining statistics on the fly.

I myself use this pool, so I tried to make the application as convenient as possible. Soon will add, beta testing so you can use the app for free.

Do not rush to ban. I consciously made the app paid, so as not to stuff it with hidden advertising or collection of statistics, as do other pseudo free applications. The payment for this application, it is only an attempt to somehow return the time spent on it.

Let’s learn more about OIWE.flypool - Powerful app for monitoring your mining on zcash.flypool.org

A few words about the circles charts that you see. These are performance charts that show the percentage of the current hashrate relatively the average hashrate of mining.

The working area of the application have three tabs:

  1. The first tab “Dashboard” - a tab which contains basic information about the mining on the pool:

Current hashrate and Average hashrate. The information provided by the pool and the information you see on your equipment - can be significantly different, because the mining pool calculates the speed based on the number of received and accepted the shares, while your equipment considers the all shares regardless of whether this shares was accepted by the mining pool.

Payments-Here you can see the amounts that are subject to verification and further payment, upon reaching the established payment widrawall.

Performance - mining pool will allow to calculate the probable productivity of your mining. These data show the likely mining profits for 24 hours, if the conditions (speed, number of workers, etc.) production will not be changed.

Also on this tab you can see the number of active workers and the number of accepted or rejected per hour shares

  1. The Second tab “Workers” - It is information about the productivity of your equipment.
    On this tab you can see a list of all active (recently active) workers, as well as their performance.

Cards workers-clickable. By clicking on the card of a particular worker, you can see the history of the productivity of this worker.

  1. A third card “Payouts” - The most important tab :slight_smile:
    History of payments sent to you with detailed information when payouts was made and amount

Background monitoring. By enabling this option - you get the ability to monitor mining until the application is not active. Background mining monitoring - will informing you about the overall performance falling (To save the charge of the mobile device you are using, the connection to the server occurs every 10 minutes.).

AppLink: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=app.oiweinfo_flypool

OIWE.flypool - Powerful app for monitoring your mining on zcash.flypool.org mining pool.

Watch your mining statistics with the best monitoring app.

★ Current hashrate
★ Average hashrate

★ Unconfirmed balance (ZEC)
★ Unpaid balance (ZEC)

★ Possible earnings in ZEC for 24h
★ Possible earnings in USD for 24h
★ Possible earnings in BTC for 24h

★ Worker’s list
★ Worker’s detail page (Chart):
→ Workers Id (name)
→ Current hashrate
→ Average hashrate

★ Payouts transactions list
→ Payout date
→ Payout amount
→ Payout Tx hash

★ Set alarms and get real-time notifications for event of performance falling.

Write about your comments or additions to the application in this topic! I will try to make the application even more convenient and productive.

Great news: OIWE.flypool - included in collection of 3rd Party Monitoring Apps published on the official support website.