Looking to fund zcash projects for anons/pseudos who don't want to undergo KYC

All, @Rucknium and I are talking about starting a Zcash DAO for the purpose of funding Zcash-related projects by individuals or groups who don’t want to undergo KYC over in this thread: https://forum.zcashcommunity.com/t/re-truly-pseudonymous-contributors-zomg/40812/7?u=zlawyer

If anyone has a project in mind they’d like to be compensated for anonymously, please share your idea either in this thread (if this kind of thread is allowed here) or over in the other thread.

Can’t make any promises that we’ll be able to raise money but we’d like to see what’s out there that’s not being done due to KYC.


Per this thread

here’s the discord server: Zcash DAO