How can we make the Zcash Founder's Reward inclusive of more contributors?

In a comment on another thread I started, I mentioned that I would be ineligible for a Zcash Foundation grant because I am not willing to identify myself to the Foundation or the IRS.

@acityinohio from the Zcash Foundation responded by saying:

In the future I’d love to mitigate this by having the community fund projects themselves (Monero does a great job here) with us only providing support infrastructure, and then have opt-in additional funding from the @ZcashFoundation (which carries the identifying requirement).

I like the idea of setting up more flexible community funding mechanisms so that we can be inclusive of pseudonymous contributors. At least part of the reason for my own pseudo-anonymity is so I can have such flexibility myself when I give out bounties for my projects.

I’d like to open this discussion up further and invite members of the Zcash community to discuss these questions:

1. If at all possible, how can we make the portion of the Zcash Founder’s Reward that is currently allocated to the Zcash Foundation accessible to a wider part of the community, particularly the undocumented and pseudonymous among us?


2. What tools can we build or implement that empower the community to fund projects they want to support, including those by undocumented or pseudonymous contributors?

Question (1) is specific to the Founder’s Reward received by the Zcash Foundation. One idea would be to convert a portion of that reward into a DAO in a similar way that the Dash DAO works and have community members vote on how those funds are spent. As a blockchain-native organization a DAO has more flexibility over how its funds can be spent.

Question (2) is more broad and could include crowdfunding tools like the Monero community uses on their forums to allocate funds from community members to specific projects.

Thanks to @zooko @sonya @acityinohio for bringing attention to this issue.


According to this you have to be at least willing to divulge some personal information
Specifically page 16 comply with Grant making procedures (grants to individuals) and what records should be kept
Its a pdf concerning 501 3c

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