Lost Regular Status now I cant read replies


I used to have access to the regulars section. I have been offline (working on a zcash related project - see my latest post in the regulars section)

I assume I lost my status because I haven’t logged in enough nor given/received enough likes on the posts I have read/made. Okay fair enough, but please may I have access to the thread that I started, replies and @mentions? They appear as alerts, just I am not allowed to read them.

I have replies in the other thread I cannot read (so please pm if it is important @ChileBob)

I really don’t want that topic(s?) I started public yet so Id rather not have it moved to a different section if possible. I will just drop the project updates until either im ready or I get access again. [The testing thread, and the raspberry pi wallet thread, iirc] - It would really help me to have access to those two threads and the posters in them. I got some good advice I now would like to follow up on but I cannot remember who gave me the advice.

It would be handy if we got an automated PM stating the reasons why we lost access.

To anyone who has never had access to the regular section, there is not a lot there. 99% off topic and there is like 4 threads 2 I created (I think). It isn’t some super secret club and you are not really missing anything by not having access.

EDIT: Now the notifications no longer exist. yet I have the URL’s in my history, so I only had 1 notification in the past 24hrs, when I got 4! Am I losing the plot? I need more sleep.



; ) exactly what the illuminati would say

Have you tries to write to the support?

Your status shows Regular for me.