Lost transaction


I sent about 1.82ZEC yesterday to my t-wallet. But here is a strange situation:
http://explorer.zcha.in/transactions/b884620035397e107d43c4aacc2612c5fb5b0cb78b0c8b59318bcae85550ec1f - transation NOT found
http://minergate.com/blockchain/zec/transaction/b884620035397e107d43c4aacc2612c5fb5b0cb78b0c8b59318bcae85550ec1f - transaction found
http://zchain.online/tx/b884620035397e107d43c4aacc2612c5fb5b0cb78b0c8b59318bcae85550ec1f - transaction found
http://zcashnetwork.info/tx/b884620035397e107d43c4aacc2612c5fb5b0cb78b0c8b59318bcae85550ec1f - transaction found
(sorry, I’m new user, forum doesn`t allow me to insert a lot of hyperlinks)

Also transaction does not apear in my wallet (I`m using jaxx chrome extention).

The main question, why transaction does not appear in official block explorer (there is link to this block explorer in official zcash forum)???
I think the same reason could by with jaxx wallet…

  1. there is no “official” block explorer, and the various ones aren’t “bug for bug compatible”, which is the difference and
  2. Jaxx has lots of problems with their ZEC support, like mine shows funds that were long spent as still it in, rendering that wallet useless