Missing Zcash in Wallet

Maybe someone can understand this mystery.


Says that the address has 1.51513 received. It has 0 sent.

Shouldn’t that mean the Zcash is with that address?

My Jaxx wallet seems to suck. It’s acting funny with BTC too.

I tried to export the private key to a new app (zcashwin) and it seemed to work but it also shows 0 balance.

Where is the Zcash? As far as I know I never spent it or sent it anywhere. Yet, it’s not in the wallet.

So anyone have a guess as to where it is or how I can retrieve access?

is the whole blockchain synced yet in zcash4win? it shows the percent synced in the bottom right corner of the windows. That may be the issue

Also, if you get your mining rewards send to your jaxx wallet. But Jaxx cant handle those transactions with so many outputs. I have experienced it first hand. it keeps crashing and initializing.

You should forward your mining rewards to a wallet like Zcash4win, to a new adress.

Jax is convenient for having some of you zec readily available on your phone e.g.

Edit: Ah I didn’t see you had only one transaction on that adress.

Use the Reset Wallet function (found in Jaxx Settings) to resync your wallet with the blockchain.