Love anonimity in ZEC? Check this other cheap coins

You need to research yourself but this coins use anon functions of others (ie ZEC) but are still cheap. Worth to check.

EXCL - fork of DASH with masternodes
SMART - fork of Zcoin with masternodes
ZCL - fork of ZEC, trading good
AION - fork of XMR

plenty more but those you should look at as they have good exchanges

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ZCL is literally an abandoned project. But hey, the pointless ghost network marches on

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hard to say but… ZEN (split of ZCL which is split of ZEC) is added to binance now -

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Figures…was actually about to start up a secure node.

Zencash actually has an active development team behind it. and theyve already added some value in the form of new features zcash does not currently support. What does zclassic have?

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Not sure the relevance of EXCL since DASH has masternodes also. Why not stick with DASH? Price is really not relevant, you are buying $100 worth no matter what the whole unit price is.
For that matter, why bother with any of the spin-offs of ZEC unless you have a specific reason (like the ASIC mining) in which case a list doesn’t really help you since you would be looking for a specific coin to move to.

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