Price Speculation

Would like to hear anyone’s guess on future price. End of 2017, 2018 and beyond.


been accurate so far, but my numbers have changed a bit

short term - $300
mid term - $500
end-of-year - $835


Love it @kek. Top 3 I’m guessing Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash.
I predict zcash $1000US on exactly December 13th 2017


Someone should put down a wager on augur or gnosis already.
IMO both 800-1000 are over optimistic figures for less than 12 months away.
My bitcoins on prime target of 500 USD, max 600 USD.


imo, end of year ZEC will have a +$1 billion market cap, and rankings will be

  1. bitcoin
  2. ethereum
  3. zcash
    ~ zcash will unseat ETH for that 2 spot in year 2 !!

i’m not usually wrong about these things, but we’ll see ; D


Can get behind this.
1bn is going to be hit and there’ll be those left in the wind asking why then didn’t cashout on eth and go all in zec.
Number 2 spot for year 2 is a big “if”. Its not off the cards but I think you’re underestimating the sheer totality of meth.
With zksnark integration and most of the public already getting comfortable with what ether is, it’ll be tough to get them interested in another coin, when it’s main properties have already been extracted into the second most widely known alt.


imo, ZEC will gain that spot mainly from reasons i cannot mention on the forums… but there’s research out there that might make ZEC much more interesting, if adopted i.e. bolt, etc. this is one of them Interactive Oracle Proofs
believe this is one of the zerocash authors (eli ben-sasson) also, STARK research is pretty neat

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PM then at least, even If I have a slight idea what you may be onto.
Yes you’re correct. Came out of SCIPR. STARKs are the future.

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I invested A LOT of money into ETH, but lately I sold all of my ETH for ZEC.

I am extremely nervous.

I need AT LEAST 1,55 ETH for 1 ZEC to cover my loss and would like a 1.78 ETH for 1 ZEC to make some profit.

When do you think ZEC will rise to 1,78 ETH…

It did following the JP M News.


PS I am nervous. put my life savings in it.


You don’t have to worry if they both rise


If it was easy, everyone would do it!

I am confused though about your numbers… at what price did you buy Zcash at? if it was below us 200.00, you’re already a winner

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At $75 or 1.53 ETH at that time.

ETH is rising so fast. Used to have 130 ETH.

If I sold today, I would only have 85 ETH.

My calculation was. To double, ETH would need to add another 20 billions to his market cap.

Now, ZEC only have to add 400 millions.

Surely that ZEC should double before ETH especially with the Alphabay announcement coming in July !

Meanwhile, XMR is slipping .


currently on poloniex, both eth and zec is over US $230.00


Current Market Depth


My Goal

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now I understand your numbers


morning happy kahunas! people that are selling in the $250-270s area are complete degenerates… have a feeling will take another day or two to get rid of them before we start our next leg to $300… also, people selling in this range are going to hate themselves by week’s end.


no, let them panic == more cheap zec for both of us :triumph:


When do you think ZCash will surpass Monero in terms of Market Cap ?

Also, why are you so sure that ZEC will rise this week ? Any news coming soon ?

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