Luxor Mining Pool + Z9 Mini & GPU Support

Luxor Mining Pool -

• True Pay-Per-Share Pool, don’t worry about block time or effort
• Payout threshold 0.1 Zcash
• Payout frequency: hourly
• Enterprise Class Player
• Proven track record in the pool industry
• Geo-distributed nodes (US, EU and ASIA)
• English and Spanish support for miners

We’re a reliable pool operator with multiple high quality pools for different algorithms. Give us a shot :slight_smile:

Z9 Mini Miners are fully supported by our pool!


Detailed Setup Guide:

Support for T addresses only

We want to hear from you, ping us in Discord:

Happy Hashing!

You’re doing great work expanding Luxor.
I’m GPU miner though and I was wondering if DSTM works with your pool or not?

Thanks Ramin!

DSTM should work fine. Let us know how that goes and if you’ve issues ping us in Discord we will figure it out.

Have a nice day!