Maintaining ZCG Compensation

Dear Zcash Community,

I come before you to share an update regarding the compensation of the Zcash Community Grants (ZCG) Committee, which concurrently serves as the Major Grants Review Committee as referenced in ZIP1014.

In light of recent changes by the Zcash Foundation (ZF) to reduce the compensation rate for ZCG members, we have drafted an amendment to ZIP1014 to maintain the existing compensation structure. The proposed amendment enables the continuation of the established rate of $115 per hour based on an estimated 15 hours per month, equating to a monthly stipend of $1725, sourced directly from the ZCG funds. This initiative is aimed at preserving the consistency and stability of the committee’s operations.

We firmly believe that the stipend is essential for acknowledging the significant contributions and dedicated time of the ZCG Committee members. It serves not only as a recognition of their hard work but also as an investment in the sustained excellence and professional commitment required to guide our community. To move forward with this amendment, we are actively seeking the community’s consensus. Your input is crucial, as it will shape the decision-making process and influence the adoption of this amendment by the ZF and ECC.

We invite each one of you to join the conversation, express your opinions, and cast your votes on this matter. It is our collective effort and unity in decision-making that will continue to drive Zcash forward.

Looking forward to your active participation and support.

On behalf of the ZCG Committee

Proposed ZIP1014 amendment

  1. A portion of the Discretionary Budget MAY be allocated to provide reasonable compensation to members of the Major Grant Review Committee. Committee member compensation SHALL be limited to the hours needed to successfully perform their positions and MUST align with the scope and responsibilities of their roles. The allocation and distribution of compensation to committee members SHALL be administered by the ZF. The committee members will receive compensation at a rate of $115 per hour, based on an estimated 15 hours each month, amounting to a monthly sum of $1725. Changes to the hours or rate SHALL be determined by the ZF’s Community Advisory Panel or successor process.