Major Grants shall henceforth be called

Having put behind us the more straightforward matters of solving decentralized global governance for the future of financial privacy, I would like to pose the following question:

What’s a better name for the “Major Grants” of ZIP 1014? A name that will put pride in the hearts of the recipients? A name that will convey our vision of decentralization, our striving for excellence, and the challenging ordeals that recipients have undergone to earn it? A name that conveys the gravitas of the role undertaken? A badge of merit, a mark of honor, a sign of responsibility bestowed, a word that will make passersby swoon in admiration?

“Major Grant recipient”, while technically accurate, merely reflects my lack of imagination when drafting ZIP 1012. Please do better!

(This is totally not a transparent attempt to achieve consensus by distracting everyone into bikeshedding on terminology rather than re-opening past decisions. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)

Thanks, @mhluongo and @imichaelmiers, for inspiring the question.


Zcash Collaborative Construction Fund.


Zcash Decentra Grant
Super Duper Grant :sweat_smile:
Ecosystem Grant
Community Grant

Snarky Grant (zkSNARKs)
Arborist Grant
Cultivation Grant


Oh one more constraint: it needs to be distinct from the other (typically smaller) grants awarded by ZF at its management’s discretion.


Some names:

ZGrant for (a Zteam) - Major Grants
ZFund for Small Grants

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ZEF (Zcash ecosystem fund)
Zcash Public Works


ZPubs (Zcash Public Grants)

Grants awarded by ZF should be explicitly called as ZF-something to make them distinguishable.

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Seed Bank ( I know Bank kind of has weird connotations I’m just tossing ideas out there)
I’m torn about how far down the life of the tree to go but Cornucopia fund sounds better than fruit basket
Pavilion (idk ill stop now)

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Note to self: never name important governance mechanisms after a movie villian.

So that’s why it sounded familiar…


I like Fruit Basket Pavilions
but if not that, then The Zealots


PubZ :joy::joy:

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I quite like Zcash Public Works!

But my suggestion is: Zeal Collective (yes, a pun on “collective zeal” — but also, all Major Grants recipients will be kind of a collective, along with ZF and ECC and the hard-to-summarize overall Zcash community!)


ZEI - Zcash Ecosystem Incubator
:zebra: (think of an L to add at the end hehe perhaps not)


Finally :wink:

Zcash charter member
Zcash council member
Zcash cooperative member (IMHO makes it sound like a food coop)
Zcash major contributor

I think something along the lines of the first two that emphasizes you are in a group cooperating and making major contributions.

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Zcash Foundation Grant for ZF (minor) grants
Zcash Ecosystem or Zcash Development Grant for dev fund (major) grants

Too simple/obvious/boring?

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@mlphresearch, I think Zcash Development Grant is not ideal, because ZF’s existing grants also fund a lot of development. Also, MGs may go well beyond development per se (as is now the case for ECC).

Zcash Ecosystem Grant solves that, but my automatic association when hearing “ecosystem” is a focus on many assorted small parties (i.e., more like the “minor” grants), rather than a few major ones.


Why not go for the games and testing style of things.

Nintendo seal of approval for example and access to logos and their modification. (yes I purposely ignored zeal of approval)

I would imagine major grants recipients could be allowed to use the zcash logo with their logo (like the xbox logo) subject to approval of the image. then get a title like:

[item] [role] [team] [company] for example

zcash CORE team Parity.
zcash CRYPTO team Thesis.

This could be for ZEC as well as zcash.

with the [role] being defined by their grant proposals. people seem to like the word core in the crypto community. (you could also go with contributor rather than team)

Change the structure a bit and it will pretty much name itself.

the whole process itself could then be called zcash futures. zcash sustainability or similar - if you really wanted this could be the role, but I like more defined ones based of the overall goals of their proposals. it gives the teams their own labelling and access to the powerful trademarked symbol which will hopefully foster a more transparent and involved feel.

Console manufactures have allowed publishing companies to do this since the “seal of approval days” - this subject itself could be an essay. so I will stop here.

just my 2p.

edit: this might need its onw legal adjustment to the current ruleset for the trademark and logo agreement - not being familiar with legal costs and stuff I don’t know how doable this is.


(Speaking for myself.)

May I be contrary and argue that “Major Grant” is a perfectly fine name?


Always, Daira, always :heavy_heart_exclamation: