MGRC Update 10-8-2020 and Meeting Minutes

Hey Zcash Community!

This is the first community update since the MGRC election results were finalized on September 18th.

We have spent much of the last two weeks getting situated and learning about how we can communicate with each other effectively. We also established this “MGRC Updates” section of the forums to post updates, a @ZcashGrants forum tag, and a new Discord channel for MGRC related live chat on the Zcash Community Discord server.

Even though there are only 5 of us we live in different time zones and have various jobs and work schedules so finding a regular time and day we all can meet was a bit tricky. But now that we have that part out of the way we are getting to work.

Yesterday, October 7th, we had our first face-to-face zoom meeting to introduce ourselves and start chipping away at the many high-level issues that the MGRC needs to establish to become a functional and effective organization for the Zcash Community.

We have also committed to provide the community with minutes of our meetings similar to what the Zcash Foundation board publishes Board Minutes: April 18, 2022 - zcash foundation but with greater detail.

Meeting minutes

October 7th 2020


  • Hudson Jameson
  • Sarah Jamie Lewis
  • Shawn
  • Chris Burniske
  • Holmes Wilson
  • Mario Laul

Confirmed the following agenda:

  1. Conflicts of interest and code of conduct
  2. Directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance
  3. Major Grants (MG) metrics to be created by the Zcash Foundation (ZF)
  4. Compensation for Major Grants Review Committee (MGRC) members
  5. Outreach and communications channels, incl. ZF’s grants platform
  6. Grants administration process
  7. Next meeting details

Meeting was scheduled to be one hour, but was extended to 1.5hrs to touch upon all topics on the agenda.

1. Discussed conflicts of interest and code of conduct

Unanimously agreed that the MGRC will begin operations subject to the same conflict of interest policy that governs the ZF’s Board of Directors, i.e. members must recuse themselves when voting on proposals where they have a financial interest. The MGRC will solicit community input on the Zcash Forum on how to further specify this policy if needed. Decided that Shawn will raise the COI topic on the forum to get feedback. Code of Conduct was not discussed at this time, to be addressed in future meeting.

2. Discussed D&O insurance

Decided that Chris will discuss if there is a need and options for D&O insurance with Antonie Hodge at the ZF, and that the topic will be revisited in a future MGRC meeting.

3. Discussed MG key metrics

Decided that Shawn will reach out to Antonie Hodge at the ZF to get clarity on the expected timeline with regard to MG “key metrics” which the Zcash Foundation is committed to providing the MGRC in ZIP-1014.

4. Discussed Compensation for MGRC members

Chris and Mario expressed that they don’t require compensation for their work on the MGRC. Hudson, Sarah, and Shawn expressed interest in getting compensated for their work. Unanimously agreed that Hudson, Sarah, and Shawn will accept the $500 per month per member stipend provided by the ZF, based “on the assumption that there may be an average of 3 meetings a month and 2 hours of time reviewing grants at a rate of $100.00 USD per hour” (source). Holmes remains undecided if he will accept compensation at this time.

Decided that the topic of hours committed and compensation will be revisited in a future meeting once there is more clarity on how much work will be required from different MGRC members and whether the MGRC should explore options for additional compensation or hiring administrative support staff.

5. Discussed outreach and communication channels, including adopting ZF’s grants platform

Unanimously agreed that communication channels initially should require as little maintenance as possible, but at minimum must include a dedicated resource for users to get essential information about the MGRC grant process and a Twitter account.

Decided that prior to having all procedural details in place for processing grant applications, the MGRC will limit its public communications to the Zcash Forum, and that Shawn will contact Antonie Hodge at the ZF to discuss the logistics of the MGRC adopting the existing ZF grants platform ( to create a grants administration solution for the MGRC. Based on that discussion with the ZF, the topic of creating and maintaining outreach and communication channels will be revisited in a future meeting.

Decided that the MGRC should change its name to better reflect its mission for the Zcash Community. Chris will start a shared Google sheet for collecting potential new names for the MGRC. To be re-visited at the next meeting

Decided that the MGRC meeting minutes should list topics discussed and decisions made at the meeting similar to the ZF board minutes, and minutes will get published shortly after the meeting in a dedicated section on the Zcash Community Forum by Shawn.

6. Discussed grant process

Unanimously agreed that prior to formalizing any parts of the grant administration process, the MGRC needs clarification from the Zcash Foundation on key metrics (as specified by ZIP-1014) and options with regard to using the existing ZF grants platform.

Decided that Holmes will start a shared document for the MGRC members to start outlining the most important aspects and objectives with regard to grant administration. This document will need to be aligned with requirements specified in ZIP-1014 and metrics prescribed by the ZF. Eventually, it may evolve into a supplementary ZIP to formally clarify how the MGRC operates.

Discussed next meeting details

Decided that the next MGRC meeting will take place next week at the same time.


am i the only one that finds it a little clownish a person that didn’t get elected is this involved with MGRC decision making

Mario did not participate in the discussion or decisions and served to take the meeting minutes you see above.


People voting for Chris were well aware that Mario was also going to be participating in a supporting role:


He is going to though, right? Sure, @cburniske technically has the vote, but it seems silly not to get @mlphresearch’s input. Everyone that voted for chris, knew they were voting for mario and chris.

It is something you need to work out amongst yourselves. I, personally, really hope Mario has some input.


Mario was on some of the calls, several instances where both he & Chris commented on things & was asked (several times) by Chris if there was anything to add etc. They’re a team effort with one vote & that’s what I expected.

I don’t know Hudson but agree there should be no stigma around asking for help. Bold move posting that.


it is job sharing. Normally, two part time cover the work of one full time. Its not strange or unusual.

As mario said elsewhere, he is putting in hours in addition to chris, not instead of. so its the same thing imho.

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I can see this discussion going in a direction that will make me feel very uncomfortable but I guess that became a possibility from the moment @cburniske announced his candidacy :slight_smile:

Some facts:

  • Both Chris and I have been open about the fact that if he gets elected, we’d be sharing the MGRC-related workload.
  • ZIP-1014 states (emphasis mine): “Major Grants awards are subject to approval by a five-seat Major Grant Review Committee. The Major Grant Review Committee SHALL be selected by the ZF’s Community Panel or successor process.”
  • Apart from the basics specified in ZIP-1014, the exact procedural rules of the MGRC are currently unspecified, including under which circumstances is anyone besides the five voting members allowed to attend meetings.
  • I attended the first MGRC meeting with the permission of all five members as a passive minutes taker. Apart from a couple of clarificatory questions for my notes, I did not contribute to the discussion, nor did I participate in voting/decision-making.

Some opinions:

  • The MGRC should discuss, decide, and communicate what’s acceptable and what’s not with regard to my involvement in its work.
  • Taking minutes during the first meeting allowed everyone else to focus on the discussion and avoided the need for me and Chris to spend time syncing afterwards. It is certainly not necessary for me to attend MGRC meetings. Again, I think the MGRC should decide what’s best/appropriate moving forward.
  • I prefer not to be involved in ways that many would consider controversial or somehow impeding on the MGRC’s ability to serve its ultimate purpose.

This is what concerned me about the report. I hoped for you to have more involvement than this. but it is something you have to sort out amongst yourselves.

imho it was clear that you would not be voting, but I thought you would have a voice at the discussion table. It seems kinda the reason for mentioning you in the application.

If I got that wrong, its cool. I cant speak for others, but I really do think you have the agreement of the community in doing this sort of role.

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I appreciate how you’re watching the process and being tenacious about it. But I really, really don’t think you would object to this if you were on the call. I think this should be really easy to clear up.

As Mario said above, his role on the call was to record minutes, and the only times I remember him speaking beyond an initial greeting was to clarify what he should put in the minutes.

For my part, I can make sure I always review the minutes either before or after they’re posted, and that they will always reflect my understanding of what happened. If they don’t, I’ll post a note here. I’m sure others will do the same too, but at the very least you have my commitment that if the minutes don’t reflect my understanding of the conversation I’ll say so here.

Are there any other things you’re concerned with? The MGRC calls are going to include other people sometimes in the future, like grantees, or support staff. It’s going to be very rare that anything we discuss is secret. It seems fine to include Mario now as Chris’s assistant or as unpaid support staff.

Anyway, let me know if you see any issues that I’m missing! Thanks again for the oversight work you’re doing!

Also, if you’d like to talk via voice about it, which might be easier, DM me for my number?


FWIW, I think Chris can bring experience and perspectives from his team at Placeholder to the group, but I think it’s best for Chris and not Mario to be the voice in MGRC meetings, since he was the one elected. (And this is how we’re doing it so far.)


i’m a trader that moves (what i / most people would consider) large amounts of money in/out of zcash markets on a daily basis. at this point, not sure i trust ZCAP voters to make correct decisions to protect my loot. they’re straight up spooky

…thank goodness for chainlink

don’t have enough time to spare for feels. thanks for the offer, tho

i get it, you don’t like to be called clowns, but how is this flagged? [Moderation edit by @daira: deleted a personal attack.]


also mad enough to flag my a post with pictures of charts?

thank you, you’ve actually encouraged me to start blogging about this stuff! have a good one!

It was flagged as off-topic because it’s not related to the topic of this thread. We have “price speculation” and your “radical to the moon” thread for charts.

@kek I understand your concern about having a 6th person present (not directly elected) at the meeting but as others have mentioned it’s not a surprise, Chris and Mario both mentioned they would be working together to support each other in thier applications.

As I mentioned before, Mario didn’t vote on decisions and didn’t really take part in the discussion. This brought up an important clarification that the MGRC needs to set about Chris and Marios roles and I plan to bring it up in the next MGRC meeting.

However, you got flagged several times by several forum members, not because of your point, but because instead you chose to post clown memes, go off-topic, and engage in character attacks against Hudson.

Please try to keep it civil, CoC is very clear and even long term members like yourself are expected to abide by them.


No, I dont.

i would be far more concerned if someone was having trouble and not getting help. mental health is a lot like normal health. you get sick, you go to the doctor, you get well.

I dont see how stigmatising someone for being public about their troubles does any good for anyone.


I thought this was a great first meeting, and in all, have been impressed with how proactive and on-point all MGRC members have been. Everyone was right on time, remarkable for a meeting of 6 people online!

I see some trite controversy has been stirred up over things that were well understood during the MGRC election process. It’s my opinion that @mlphresearch is a gift to have involved, and the seat that I represent will still just represent 1 vote of 5. Therefore, as it stands wrt governance, our 1 seat is still 1 seat.

In future votes for MGRC seats, I think we may need to add a formal, non-voting, minute-taker, so that we can keep the community up to date on all our actions without over-burdening any single MGRC member with that task (that would detract from their ability to make quality decisions). Mario is basically filling that role for us for now (though he’s vastly overqualified).

In addition, he helps me make the most well-informed, well-reasoned decisions, as I am responsible for supporting a number of networks in the crypto space. Anyone complaining about this and posting distractions like price-charts or insults is clearly not interested in the substance or heart of Zcash.


What’s the argument against simply live streaming calls or at least recording them for transcription and archival? We can crowd source minutes

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ah, see things are progressing well.

MGRC already reinventing the wheel, huh?
already looking to compensate itself in addition to the Foundation peace offering, huh?
More extensive moderation of ACTUAL community members? hmmm.
Who could have imagined?

ZIP was meaningless, vote was meaningless. only whats recorded in the block matters. probably important to note that the MGRC’s duties likely do not formally begin until halving, right? so, we should all be thankful for their social hour.

I have said this before so this is the last time im going to mention it. I clearly got my wires crossed.

I agree, however this doesnt sound like the involvement i was expecting.


Cant you hire an admin? isnt an admin a reasonable expense? anyone asked the zfnd yet?

If you are only committing 5hrs a month then I think we are going to be in for a bit of trouble.

Can you and other MGRC members please clear up what you mean by part time, is the @ZcashGrants only going to do 5hrs a month?

Does this goal still seem achievable?

(ZIP Editor hat.)

Let me know if ZIP 1014 should be changed to use the new name. (I think that counts as a purely editorial change.)

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