Market Platform using ZCash

Here is a decentralized market platform dedicated towards the ZCash Payment Protocol built on Ethereum.


A new Beginning for Trade

Long have we wandered across the path of increased regulatory and fiduciary scrutiny without taking a step back, questioning the legitimacy and moral justifications of central authorities. Only very recently have we seen glimpses of resistance enforced by the austere relentlessness of cryptography towards this Orwellian trend of ever overreaching control. So far well known initiatives like the Silk Road and Alphabay have failed due to central points of governance and administration which ended up being the Achilles heel.

Introducing the Trajan Project, breaking the cycle of control and governmental extortion imposed on our inherit freedom to trade by applying revolutionary new blockchain solutions and decentralizing each aspect of the infrastructure enabling sustainable prosperity. With a strong focus on confidentiality, the unhindered interaction between customer and vendor is guaranteed.

White Paper and Mathematical Proof:

Bitcointalk ANN:

Ambitious and intriguing. Sry to be nick-piick, though: there appears to be a typo on pg9, ssec A, which reads, “as we will see later, vendors can link various items they sell which
each other to create a vendor profile.” Should ‘which’ be replaced with ‘with’?

If the system is simple to use for both sellers and buyers - it has to be REALLY simple - then this might be a real winner.

Q: Will miners be compensated by transaction fees only?