Lets talk about it, ok?

Seriously, I can not understand how anyone can pay attention to this matter.
This week was the launch of Syscoin 2.1 platform, among many corrections and new features some of them are directly related to ZEC.

Private payments via ZCash – Syscoin users can now leverage ZEC as a direct payment option, which natively includes enhanced privacy.
Multiple payment options – Offers can now be paid for in any currency supported by the marketplace and supported by the merchants. Rather than one specific currency, payments can be now be made using all three supported blockchains (SYS, BTC and ZEC).
Escrow Support on External Payments – Escrow was previously only available on offers purchased using Syscoin. With Syscoin 2.1, Escrow will now be available on offers purchased with any currency accepted, SYS, BTC or ZEC.

ZCash has just been released and any community support is good support, even more of a blockchain that has been on the market for a long time and has evolved a lot.
I think the only thing you could do is announce the SYS Marketplace to the community as a thank you for the time and dedication they have had in doing a good job, show a little respect for it, we are all in love with Blockchain.
I attend both the ZCash community and SYS, I do not see why we can not benefit from the tools created by the two.

Thanks for the time and support.


So what you are basically saying is that by the addition of ZEC to the Sys marketplace and using TOR you can list and buy anything totally anonymously. If so why have the ZEC community not jumped at this opportunity it seems like a real world use.

Some developer will correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe that’s right. :zcash:

Indeed, we are using the JoinSplit sandwhich idea of ZEC core devs to create a provable anonymous transaction workflow between Syscoin marketplace and ZCash payments. I suspect the community isn’t fully aware of the process in which Syscoin can be used to implement anonymous merchant payments but the whitepaper coming out on the 26th of this month should help in this regard, the main points being to leverage the Syscoin faucet to make your Syscoin store listings and use TOR to connect to the network and the encrypted messaging capabilities of Syscoin to send/receive information with clients (uses ECIES to encrypt to your public key with secpk256k1 curve which is safe from the NSA). The other parts are to transfer to your private ZCash address once payment is made and that is to be done with random amounts (wait for multiple sales) to avoid timing analysis attacks, all which is outlined in the upcoming whitepaper. Once someone makes a guide it will become a useful anonymous marketplace.


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