Miner Quit Running Without Permission

What would cause a DSTM miner to quit running? I have downloaded the correct driver from the Nvidia website (with assistance from Nvidia support); I have checked MSI Afterburner to make sure the graphics card was registering. I have run it by support to check my line of personal data and what I am doing to make it start, and it doesn’t start. Could it be the line of personal data that I am using? My memory is that the miner just took off. It was so easy. Now I cannot get it to start again. Help, please?

Other than you’ve told us that you are using DSTM, you really have not given enough information to assist you.

Motherboard (MB):
BIOS Version:
Power Supply (PSU):
Operating System (OS):
Riser Version:
Number of GPUs:
GPU List Model/Brand/Version:

Overclocked (Yes or No):
Overclock Settings:
Mining software and version
Additional Information (Please include bat or config settings):

Port 6633 failed for me, switch to 6666/16666
Edit- also there’s a recent tweet from them saying they’re updating the site so maybe has something to do with that